DVK’s specialists perform the entire scope of work from selection of the construction site, architecture, the examination of construction documents,
selection of required equipment, delivery and assembly, to the distribution
of the final product.

DVK provides recommendations for revision of the drafts documentation of the project and conducts research specifically pinpointing areas of customer interest.

Preparation and Transport of Natural and Associated Gas

DVK specialists have extensive experience in the design process, preparation
and processing of natural and associated gas, as well as crude oil.

We guarantee execution of complex projects, such as gas refinery, by using
the most efficient technological processes with an individual approach for
each customer.  

DVK uses the latest technological equipment, made by the leading international manufacturers, to ensure high efficiency and competitive investments.

The Software Solutions

The proposed software helps clients make important business decisions based on the unique methods of analysis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial information and the creation of special data models and processes.

The unique combination of expertise in the field of geophysics, mathematical modeling, and systems integration, provide DVK’s specialists with solutions to
major problems in the field of development of natural resources.

DVK’s specialists help clients - collect, process, reproduce and use any
spatial data, regardless of their size, format, or type.

The approach allows us to solve a wide range of applications, from structural models at the stage of prospecting and exploration to the construction of detailed three-dimensional geological models, to optimize the development of deposits.

It is an effective investment in information technology. The company's products
can enhance the impact of technologies, already using spatial modeling, to extend them with new opportunities and move on to creating the database to make better business decisions.