We offer our customers the opportunity to evaluate architectural, construction and technological aspects of our project activities in relation to Oil and Gas industrial and specialized facilities.

DVK’s specialists have long been working in the Oil and Gas market for design and reconstruction of various specialized facilities. Over the years DVK has earned a reputation as a reliable partner and a competent performer.

Our specialists at DVK will conduct a survey of existing facilities and provide recommendations to address any immediate problems. We then develop a feasibility study and extract initial data for the further design and development
of the project.

Scanning the Terrain with a Laser Setup

Air Laser Scanning is a form of active shooting. A semiconductor laser (operating in pulse mode) is mounted on an aircraft (airplane, helicopter) and conducts a discrete scanning of the surface of the Earth, and objects placed on it, by registering
the direction of the laser beam and the passage of the beam. Thus, one can unambiguously localize in space a point from which the laser beam reflected.

The customer receives a digital model of the earth’s surface with the ground cleared of buildings, vegetation, etc., and an additional model with all of the
above intact.

This data is used to produce high resolution digital maps and is indispensable
in the process of optimization of pipeline routes and the design of industrial
and specialized facilities.